About Pollard Printing Jesus

The Print shop turned out its first free shirt early and 2013,  at that time the young man working the 5 station 6 color carousel was my oldest son Jae-Preston Christian Pollard.  He alone turned out over 7000 free Jesus name Bible study t-shirts before moving on to the Shreveport fire department.

I’m John Pollard the founder and owner of the Pollard printing Jesus which is located in the upstairs portion of our home. Please don’t miss understand me, I’m not taking credit for the print shop, it’s been God who has birthed the burden within me and maintains the passionate drive to show the world Jesus and give them an opportunity to hear the true gospel saving message in detail.  The print shop is very adamant in its 1  Rule, which is everything that comes through the print shop must have the name Jesus printed on it. . and not placing it on the shirt where it can be hidden by clothing or hair, but to be placed right near the main design.

The Print Shop understand that most people are ashamed of Jesus and are a to embarrassed to wear his name on their chest. Let’s face the facts., most people would wear an ugly green tattoo for the rest of their life for all the world to see with pride than to wear a shirt 5 days a week proclaiming the name of Jesus.

Because of this sad truth, we at Pollard Printing Jesus will offer thousands of different designs to make it easier for believers to rise up and proclaim the name that’s above every name, “Jesus”  7 days a week just like me.  Sorry if I  offended you because I do need your help in showing the world Jesus and his gospel saving message.

I am John Pollard,  I was born again on October 30th, 2011 at the age of 39. My proof of being born again is found in John  3: 3-8, spend time on verse 8.   Acts 2 : 1- 4, Acts 10: 44-48 (read all of Acts  10 ,11 for the complete  account) .  Acts  19: 1- 6,     I too was baptized in the name of Jesus and spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance. It was the most awesome revelation I’ve ever received,  and that all of my many, many, many encounters with God was to bring me to that moment.

Before the New Birth experience, I had been told by many different Minister, pastors, family and friends that I had been born again when I asked Jesus into my life and heart, but that wasn’t true. , It was a start but not the completed born again work done only by the Holy Spirit.

When I spoke in tongues the first time it was truly a mind-blowing and physically exhausting experience, I was at the front of the church standing before the altar with my hands raised  as high as I could, with my face pointed to the ceiling,   I was reminding God his promise of the holy spirit to those that believe on him as the scriptures have said John  7: 38 – 39. Upon quoting those verses for  6 or 7 times,  something remarkable happens.

The words coming out of my mouth were no longer mine,  it was the Holy Spirit speaking through me with the confirmation of tongues,  And no I wasn’t Tongue Tied , because I close my mouth and lowered my hands to calm myself for 15 seconds or more and then raise my hand  and tried to quote the same verses again. But it was too late the Holy Spirit was determined to speak through me to confirming the born-again process was complete. Just as he did for the other men and women in the book of Acts.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel, “a couple thousand testimony” where I have interview men and women with the same born again completion proof. Also, check out our t-shirt Bible study page for some detailed Bible studies on being born again.

Because of this life-changing experience and God’s hand in placing a print shop around me and t-shirts going through me,  I have vowed to wear the name of Jesus every day for the rest of my life because it was he that loved and saved me and I want to show the world the name of my  Lord and savior Jesus.  I pray that you’re convicted with the same vow I have.   it’s the least we can do for Jesus.